BCO Products - Loran C Accufix 7500 Transmitter - Transmitter Control Subsystem (TCS)

  • USCG Loran Transmitter Control and Display stations modernized and upgraded to state-of-the-art processor controlled technology.
  • Fully redundant system with comprehensive built-in performance monitoring. Automatic switchover upon detection of error, high single point failure tolerance.
  • Long distance communications link supports remote station operation on a continuous basis.
  • Built-in fault detection and monitoring enables dynamic re-allocation of failed subsystem modules, and fault isolation to major replacement assemblies.

  • Control subsystem uses high reliability VME hardware, with over 90% off-the-shelf processor and input/output plug-in modules.
  • Control software uses embedded real-time operating system for high-speed response and sustained fault-free operation.
  • User interface features flat-panel touch screen control designed for at-a-glance status and alarm indication.
  • Consolidated user interface provides comprehensive status and system set-up capability on the touch-screen display interface.