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  • Developed for support of Virginia Class Submarine at the COATS Integration Facility.
  • Provides Stimulus and Measurement Subsystem (SMS) to control, monitor, and evaluate VME assets used in the Non-Propulsion Electronic System (NPES) of the submarine.
  • Provides Native Environment Subsystem (NES) that simulates the operational configuration of typical NPES installations, and permits the test and evaluation of several types of VME assets.



  • Two transit cases house the NES and SMS subsystems.
  • NES provides four (4) dedicated UUT slots, including three (3) RACEway(tm) compatible slots and four (4) expansion slots.
  • NES provides a separate Safe-To-Turn-On slot as well as power consumption monitoring.
  • VMetro(tm) VME Bus Analyzer monitors NES VMEbus activity.
  • The SMS contains the system stimulus and measurement capability, consisting of CompactPCI, PXI and SCXI expansion.

Portable Configuration


  • Supports "Technology Refresh" by pre-screening updated versions of COTS VMEbus boards.
  • Compact and Portable Configuration - designed for two-man carry and sized for Virginia class hatch access.
  • Transit cases provide shock mounting and environmental protection.
  • Self-contained Graphical User Interface can be stowed for transit.
  • Password protected with three (3) levels of user authorization.
  • Scalable for use at contractor facilities, shipyards, depots and remote operational sites.
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of board types.
  • Built in Self-Test supports system maintenance.
  • Built in Engineering Mode aides test program development and troubleshooting.
  • Reconfigurable to support new systems and technologies


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