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Corporate News
  • BCO Quality System has been re-certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard after a successful assessment this year.  This action re-affirms the commitment by BCO to provide customers with high quality results in a timely and cost effective manner.
  • BCO is a member of the National Instruments Alliance Program, with technical specialization in LabVIEW, LabWindows, PXI, GPIB and instrument controls.
  • Congratulations to our Software Engineering Team, who have attained various NI LabVIEW and Test Standard certifications.
Recent Developments
  • BCO is  a National Instruments Certified Alliance Partner
  • BCO Financial Services Contract Closeout Group has completed the first phase of contract closeout activity for a large mid-Atlantic region based customer.  Our performance exceeded customer and DCAA/DCMA expectations, coming in under budget and well within the Government year-end time line.
    We look forward to receiving the second wave of contracts as we assist our customers in moving their contract close-out backlogs "off the back burner."  See our Government Closeout Services web page.
  • Final delivery was recently completed for nine RF ATE test stations which will support the F-35 JSF program.
  • Delivery of the Cryogenic Control Systems continues.
  • Delivery of rugged Automated Gyro Control System for US Navy CASS ATE, under subcontract to Xanalog.
  • Delivery of test system using LabVIEW and Visual Basic to support a factory contract manufacturing installation.
  • Conversion of a family of electrical equipment test products to LabVIEW for a commercial manufacturer.
  • Development of LabVIEW software for the user console of a medical treatment delivery system for cancer patients.
  • Development of LabVIEW software for the user interface and control of a chemical processing system.
Customers Ask Department

   What do the letters "BCO" mean?
BCO-inc. was founded by a group formerly employed at the RCA facility in Burlington MA, which later merged into GE Aerospace and then Martin Marietta.  In 1994, the Burlington facility was closed and moved to Martin Marietta, now Lockheed Martin, in Florida.  The final activity at the Burlington facility was known as the "Burlington Center Operations", or BCO.  The BCO-Inc. founders retained that name and formed an independent corporation at our present location, 799 Turnpike Road in Billerica, MA. Our initial workload was largely a spin-off from unfinished ATE hardware and software tasks resulting from the Burlington shut down.  Since that meager beginning, our staff, the products, and the customer clientele has flourished.  Today we just go by the title BCO-Inc.  To our customers and our staff, it means more every day!

   What is a Ruggedized PXI Platform?

BCO specializes in providing engineering design solutions for a wide range of ruggedized equipment applications.  Many of our designs are configured with built in cooling and heating components.  Our hermetically sealed enclosures are designed to protect COTS grade equipment when operated in hostile environments.

Our Ruggedized PXI Platform consists of a portable equipment case with an internal shock mounted 19 inch frame designed for mounting electronic equipment.  This rugged transit case provides an environmentally conditioned environment for the rack mounted equipment. This is a Hermetically Sealed case which isolates PXI equipment from hostile environments as specified for military applications.  The sealed enclosure allows the system designer to select any of the full line of PXI products without the need to Conformal Coat the cards/components.  With the conditioned internal environment, there is no need to select PXI products which operate at an extended temperature range.

   What is Contract Closeout and why is that a specialty?
There is general belief that a contract is completed when final delivery is made of the required goods and services and the Government has made acceptance and final payment to the contract.  However, in the administrative contracting arena, a contract is not complete and ready for close out  until the contractor complies with all the terms of the contract.  This includes those administrative actions that are contractually required; i.e. financial reconciliation, property, security, patents and royalties.

Contract Closeout is completed when all administrative actions have been satisfied, all disputes settled, and final payment has been made.  The process can be simple or complex depending on the contract type.  Contract closeouts require coordination and agreement between the contractor and government Contracts, Finance, Program and Auditing offices.

BCO-Inc. developed experience and skills in financial consultation and contract closeout specialization under subcontract to major defense industry companies following the business spin-off from its Burlington Center Operations genesis.  Our Contract Close-Out, CCO, expertise stems from knowledge of how major contracts are set up, how accounting practices are traditionally executed, and how outstanding commitments and obligations can be satisfied even after years of corporate and personnel turn-over.  Our business brings completed contracts to satisfactory closure, frequently with bonus savings and potential for unexpected returns for the customer.


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