Rugged PXI Platform

Cellular Base Station Factory Test Systems

Rugged Enclosure which is environmentally controlled, protects operational equipment from harsh operating environment.

Factory test of Base Station modules.
100% Functional Testing. 
Environmental Stress Screening Testing.

ATE For Data Communications Equipment

Machine Vision Systems

J:\DRS Codem Systems\CTM-IP Test System Phase 1\Digital Pictures\Test Rack - Final Build\IMG_1359.jpg

Automated Test System provides manufacturing test support for data communication product line.  Utilizes NI LabVIEW, TestStand and Data Communication Test Equipment.

NI Camera

Hi-Performance NI Smart Camera used in Machine Vision applications using Vision Development Module with LabVIEW or other toolkits.

Automated Thermostat Test System

Loran C Accufix 7500 Transmitter Control Subsystem (TCS)

Quality Control inspection system.  Tests water heater safety thermostats in hot water enclosures with complete shielding for operator protection.

The TCS creates and monitors accurately controlled high energy Loran pulses.  Provides redundancy and switch-over.  Permits remote operation of the Transmitter site.

Packaging Design

Programmable RF Multi-Port Test

Custom designed rugged enclosures, high density harnessing, rapid design to delivery cycle.  

A programmable multi-port switch between your RF device under test and a Vector Network Analyzer significantly speeds up testing.

COTS VME Board Tester

Script Driven Automation Program

Performs confidence testing on new or suspect Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) VMEbus boards and spares in their Native Environment.
Torque Sensor
Script driven automatic program guides manufacturing assembly process with graphical instructions, visual feedback, and pass/fail quality screening.

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