ATE for Protocol Converter
Product ATE Sm2 DRS Rack 700


          Developed for DRS Codem Systems, Inc. to test the CTM-IP product line of the Multi-Interface Protocol Converter.

          Manufacturing Test support for the CTM-IP chassis and Interface Modules. Functional test of signaling, protocol and software configurations for various communication interface configurations.

          Regression Test support for Engineering Product Development.  Configurable test sequencing allows engineer to select specific tests for execution, with the ability to exercise all combinations of data rates and interface configurations.

For product information on the DRS Multi-Interface Protocol Converter search on "DRS CTM-IP" in your browser.

Operator Interface

          Graphical User Interface with interactive test execution.

          Custom electrical and mechanical interface facilitates testing the UUT Chassis or Interface Modules

Hardware/Software Instrumentation

          National Instruments PXI chassis

          Tektronics oscilloscope

          JDSU FireBerd communications analyzer

          GPIB, Ethernet, USB, RS-232

          LabVIEW test software

Test Management Environment

          National Instruments TestStand

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