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View of Three with PC AC Open End

DESCRIPTION:  The ruggedized enclosure provides an environmentally conditioned environment for rack mounted PXI equipment. Supports rack mounted PXI chassis. Hermetically Sealed case isolates PXI equipment from hostile environments as specified for military applications.  The sealed enclosure allows the system designer to select any of the full line of PXI products without the need to Conformal Coat the cards/components.  With the conditioned internal environment, there is no need to select PXI products which operate at an extended temperature range.

FEATURES:  Hermetically sealed case which prevents moisture and humidity from entering the internal PXI operating environment. Desiccant cartridge, which is replaceable, controls the internal moisture level. Humidity indicator provides ability to read internal moisture level which is useful for maintenance procedures. Operates when exposed to ambient temperatures of -20 to +50 degrees C. Internal Load Tray provides the designer an area to mount loads and signal conditioning components. External MIL-Spec connectors provide access to power input and PXI chassis computer and control lines. Gasketed front panel is used by the designer to mount interface connectors, which feed PXI instrument I/O signals to outside equipment.
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200 to 1500 BTU/HR heating/cooling


NEMA 4X outdoor/wash down/certification


Rectangular case with handles and wheels to aid in portability


Body: 44L x 24W x 20H       Flange: 23 x 19"

Operating Range

-20oC to +50oC

Temperature Control

Adjustable thermostat

Input Voltage

Single phase, auto ranging, 100-220 VAC

Input Frequency

Auto ranging, 45-420 Hz


Integral power supply and circuit breaker


One Year



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