Automated Thermostat Test System  High Power Transmitter Control, Monitor and Display

Quality Control inspection system.  Tests water heater safety thermostats in hot water enclosures with complete shielding for operator protection.

The TCS creates and monitors accurately controlled high energy Loran pulses.  Provides redundancy and switch-over.  Permits remote operation of the Transmitter site.

Robotic Probing of Circuit Cards

ATE  Instrument Real Time Controller

Automatically probes PC board test points under software control.  C Size VPIM VXI Module, easily integrated into existing VXI test systems..

External control of the Navy CASS ATE via Ethernet.  Allows TPS developer or ATE maintainer to change / control instrument settings for TPS debug and instrument troubleshooting.

VME System  Tester

Cellular Base Station Factory Test Systems

Performs confidence testing on new or suspect Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) VMEbus boards and spares in their Native Environment.

Factory test of Base Station modules.
100% Functional Testing. 
Environmental Stress Screening Testing.


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